Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Filipino Films Today

     If you are the kind of Filipino moviegoer who enjoys seeing your favorite actors or actresses on the big screen and swoon over their “kagwapuhan” or “kaseksihan,” or you are the kind of moviegoer who enjoys being tickled pink, then you would surely love the kind of films being churned out by local movie outfits , most of which aim to build up the career of budding young actors and actresses. But if you are looking for real action, drama, and hilarity, you would find these in international films. After Fernando Poe Jr’s demise, production of Filipino epic films ground to a halt. Way back in the 1960s and 1970s, film outfits like Sampaguita pictures and Nepomucenoprouductions came up with films that would really make you proud to be a Filipino moviegoer. Directors like Eddie Romero also directed films that could be at par with most Asian if not, with western films. The kind of Filipino films that are being produced today are limited only to the following genres: drama, comedy, and suspense. If producers could come up with nice films which are shown only during a film festival, there is no reason why they could not produce good films the whole year round. I am waiting for some movie producer or scriptwriter to come up with a film that would glorify the heroism of Filipino soldiers in the battle of Bataan or feature the horror of the liberation of Manila during World War 2. At present, the only kind of Filipino films that have sense in them are the indie films.

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